Opera and horn ensemble

The motto of the Hornweek 2017 in Maastricht is: Opera and horn ensemble
Professor Will Sanders commissioned a number of new arrangements for that purpose:

“Der Freischütz” for horn ensemble
4 arrangements for 14 horns
02. Trio with chorus
03. Cavatine
04. Chorus of the huntsmen

“Fidelio” for horn octet
3 arrangements for 8 horns
01. Ouverture
02. Aria
03. Recitativo and Aria

Duetto from „Rigoletto“: “Si, Vendetta” for 12 horns

Don Carlo” for Hornensemble
6 arrangements for 12+4 horns
Introduction, Coro di cacciatori
02. Scene and Duetto
03. Preludio
04. Scene and Aria
05. Aria „Per me giunto“
06. Finale

“Carmen” for Hornensemble
6 arrangements for 10 horns
02. Habanera
03. Prelude act II
04. Toreador Aria
05. Air
06. Finale

All movements, except the ouvertures, can either be performed with solo voice(s) or with horns only.